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Networking Has Its Benefits – Published Article by Trade Networking Groups

Trade Networking Groups Article – company profile
Networking Has Its Benefits

The building industry is a funny old game. As a contracting company you often have too much work and then all of a sudden the work dries up and you’re either having to let guys go or struggling to pay your suppliers.
What we call traditional forms of gaining new clients such as advertising in newspapers, in directories and other channels doesn’t seem to work anymore. With social media and search engine optimisation being words from outer space for many of us still it’s hard to know what to do and how to focus your energy on new business and keeping the pipeline full.
Networking has long been revered as one of the best ways to develop relationships and build your business sustainably over a period of time. It’s cost effective and means you also learn to develop skills such as being able to speak confidently about your business and promote your company professionally.
You meet regularly with a group of like-minded business owners across a wide range of industries from trades and service companies through to professionals. In essence this group then not only builds relationships with you and refers work to you regularly but also refers you to their greater network of friends, family and colleagues and in fact anyone they come in contact with.
Over time these people can become your greatest source of work as each time you solve a problem for them or someone they refer you to they keep getting new business for you and in turn new clients that you retain and keep forever.
Some trade companies grow their business by 40% or more through networking alone, costing less than $1000 per annum, and that was in the last 4 years when New Zealand was in a recession.
One of the greatest benefits of networking is the cost-effective help and advice you get from professionals such as lawyers and accountants and business coaches in your group. These guys often share words of wisdom and are always available to lend an ear to any problems you may have, often freely giving you great advice or pointing you in the right direction and helping you avoid those costly mistakes in business.
The latest hot topic at our networking meetings is how to get paid or how to collect debts from debtors successfully, and we have managed to bring in some top players in the market to provide our members with advice on how to protect their business and stay fluid.
So what happens at a networking meeting?
Well it’s pretty simple both members and guests turn up at 7.00 am and are welcomed, then each member has time to talk about their business , what they do , current projects , recent testimonials and what type of clients or work they are looking for and why.
One member then has a 10 minute presentation on their business (everyone takes a turn) and then the meeting concludes with members referring business to one another or thanking each other for support or past referrals. You’re on your way by 8.15 (although often members and guests stay much longer discussing business, helping each other or just chewing the fat).

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