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Do you need a trades business coach to develop and grow your business?

Source: Andy Burrows – The Trades Coach.  

Who is The Trades Coach?

The Trades Coach is a specialist business coaching and advising organization that has been developed by one of Auckland’s leading business advisors, Andy Burrows from Icon Business Solutions. It is specifically focused on the needs of business owners in trades-based businesses, primarily allied to the wider construction industry.

The Trades Coach have developed a unique series of professional, results driven systems and programs that are easy for both coach and tradesman to work with and use. The aim of the process is to help the tradesman to develop a more profitable and sustainable business, but one that doesn’t take 18 hours a day to run.

Andy Burrows has been an advisor to SME businesses for around 7 years and prior to that spent 25 years in a range a mid management roles in corporate, mostly in the sales and marketing space. This has allowed him to bring big business thinking and processes into small businesses, thus completing the jig-saw puzzle of business ownership that hold many tradesmen back from achieving the success they deserve.
How do The Trades Coach programs work?

There are a number of ways that a business owner can engage the services of The Trades Coach. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and these will be discussed with the owner before the most appropriate solution is implemented. These options include:

• One-on-one fortnightly coaching sessions. The most popular option
• Business Master Class group sessions with up to 5 other owners
• Hourly charge-up on specific projects

In the future it is envisaged that a “virtual coaching” option will be added that will enable remote or after-hours access to training modules. Watch this space.
Funding Available

The Trades Coach programs are approved under the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Management Capability Development Scheme to receive 50% co-funding for approved businesses. We can guide you through the registration and assessment process to maximize your chances of a successful application. This co-funding scheme makes The Trades Coach programs even greater value-for-money.

If you would like to grow your business consider one of our many networking group meetings occurring across Auckland on a weekly basis.  For more information please contact with Mark or Matt at the Trade Networking Groups.


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