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About Networking. We are a Business Networking Organisation Connecting Trades, Services and Professionals in a structured networking environment.

You’re Invited to the TNG Birthday Bash on Thursday 11 July.

Come along and help celebrate our birthday!

Thursday 11 July 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

Open to TNG Members, Friends and Colleagues.

Food Provided  –  Drinks Available at the Bar  –  Two Expert Networking Speakers:  Sarah Lochead-MacMillan and Colin Kennedy.

Sarah is the author of ‘The Naked Networker’ and has built a successful business from networking since travelling to NZ in 2006. She has taught many small businesses how to ensure that they make the most of their networking efforts and how to turn around the perception that some groups “weren’t working for them”.

Colin is the director of Iron Road Limited, a content marketing specialist, copywriter and speaker with more than 20 years’ experience in networking, communications, marketing and sales.

Venue:  Commerce Club of Auckland, 27-33 Ohinerau Street, Remuera. Plenty of parking available.

RSVP by email –

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