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2015 Auckland Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to TNG Takapuna member Ilan Wittenberg who has just been awarded the title 2015 Auckland Photographer of the Year by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. This prestigious honour is given to the photographer who achieved the best total score in the annual Iris Awards competition where Ilan became Finalist in both the Portrait Classic and the Documentary categories. Ilan is obviously delighted and proud, attributing his success to his commitment, passion, hard work and unconditional support of his wife!

Ilan’s latest work titled ‘Faces of Jerusalem‘ is currently featured in a four double-spread article inside the Oct-Nov edition of D-Photo magazine – available in supermarkets nationwide. Selected photos from Faces of Jerusalem will be exhibited early next year in Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery so we will all have an opportunity to view the works. Ilan’s most recent project is the Bare Truth portfolio which will be exhibited as part of Auckland Festival of Photography in Northart Gallery during June 2016.

We look forward to seeing more of his work!

Ilan Wittenberg Auckland Photographer

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