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Summer Holidays are Over – Stress Levels Starting to Build Again?

For most of us, summer holidays are over and we’re back to work.  Are you still feeling relaxed and energized or are the feelings of overwhelm starting to build again?  Not enough hours in the day to get everything done?  Other common signs of stress are weight gain (weight that you can’t seem to shed regardless of what you eat or how much you exercise!), poor sleep, hair loss, and loss of concentration.  It’s easy to see how these symptoms can lead to more serious health concerns.

There are no quick fixes to reducing stress in our lives.  Eliminating the source of the stress may be the most efficient way but may not be practical in many cases; for example, the main stressor may be our boss, co-worker or a family member!  A better solution for long term stress management is to build our stress resilience.

In this free hour-long workshop, Sharon Walt – a member at TNG St Heliers – will show you:

  • how long term stress can result in poor health
  • how to recognise which areas of your life are contributing to stress resilience (and which ones are not!)
  • some practical tips in building your stress resilience, including improving nutrition, physical exercise, and relationships
  • a couple of time management tips to help you free up some time until your stress resilience improves

What:             Reduce Stress, Enjoy Life Again! Workshop
Date:               Thursday, February 25 at 7pm
Where:          Meadowbank Community Centre, 29 St. Johns Rd, St. Johns

Seating is limited at the workshop, so please register early.  To register, click HERE

Sharon Walt, PhD is a Health & Nutrition Coach who recognises that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to good health and that knowing what to do is quite different from knowing how to do it.  She specialises in helping clients find their own personalised strategies for improving their health.  She is a former university lecturer and researcher in areas of applied health science.

Contact details:

tel:                               021 1179854


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