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TNG Business Networking Groups’ Upcoming Meetings – Auckland Wide & Whangarei

THIS WEEK’S TNG MEETINGSmeeting-1219540__180

TNG East Coast Bays  –  Tuesday 5 April 7.00am
Speaker: Property Renovations and Maintenance Expert Dean Larritt from Maintain to Profit Auckland
Meeting Details:  Mozaik Café | 15 Douglas Alexander Parade (off Rosedale Rd) | Albany
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TNG Birkenhead  –  Wednesday 6 April 7.00am
Speaker:  Mortgage Broker Colin Redwood from New Zealand Home Loans
Meeting Details:  Tongue & Groove Cafe | 55 Birkenhead Avenue | Birkenhead
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TNG Mairangi Bay  –  Wednesday 6 April 7.00am
Speaker: Kitchen Designer Margaret Roberts
Meeting Details:  Montrose Cafe | 1 Montrose Terrace | Mairangi Bay
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TNG Parnell  –  Wednesday 6 April 7.00am
Speaker: Nicole Donahoe from Auckland Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Details:  Notting Hill Kitchen | 168 Parnell Road | Parnell (near Glengarry Wines)
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TNG St Heliers  –  Wednesday 6 April 7.00am
Meeting Details:  The Local Cafe  |  St Heliers Bay Road  (at the back of the arcade on St Heliers Bay Road next to Life Pharmacy in the St Heliers Shops)
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TNG Ellerslie  –  Thursday 7 April 7.00am
Speaker: Property Maintenance and Renovations Expert Ramin Tavakoli from Maintain to Profit South East Auckland
Meeting Details:  Blues Cafe | 602 Great South Rd | Ellerslie
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TNG New Lynn  –  Thursday 7 April 7.00am
Speaker: Virtual Office Assistant Treena Pitham from Octopus Admin
Meeting Details:  Sierra Cafe |  Shop 1  |  23/40 Totara Avenue |  New Lynn (Opposite New Lynn Library)
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TNG Tauranga  –  Thursday 7 April 9.30am  **New Group Opening Today**
Speaker:  Mark Trafford from TNG on the Benefits of Networking
Meeting Details: Nautilus Restaurant & Espresso Bar | 50B Cross Road |  Sulphur Point Marina |  Tauranga 3110
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TNG Milford  –  Friday 8 April 7.15am
Speaker: Interior Designer Liz Kerby from LizzeK and Co
Meeting Details:  Prestige Realty | 9 Milford Road | Milford
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TNG Orewa  –  Friday 8 April 7.00am
Speaker:  Carole McMinn from Hibiscus All Things Local
Meeting Details:  The Coffee Club  |  7 Florence Avenue  |  Orewa 
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  • North Harbour  –  Tuesday 12 April  –  7.00am
  • Westgate  –  Tuesday 12 April  –  7.00am
  • Whangarei  –  Tuesday 12 April  –  7.00am
  • Albany  –  Wednesday 13 April  –  7.00am
  • Mt Eden  –  Wednesday 13 April  –  7.00am
  • Mt Wellington  –  Wednesday 13 April   –  7.00am
  • Silverdale  –  Wednesday 13 April  –  7.00am
  • Te Atatu  –  Wednesday 13 April  –  7.00am
  • Epsom  –  Thursday 14 April  –  7.00am
  • Orakei  –  Friday 15 April  –  7.00am
  • Takapuna  –  Friday 15 April  –  7.00am

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