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Bare Truth Photographic Exhibition 5-22 June 2016

TNG Member Ilan Wittenberg is delighted to invite all TNG members to the opening event of the Bare Truth exhibition with special guest: Sir Bob Harvey. Senior Curator of Auckland Art Gallery, Ron Brownson will give a talk about the collection!

Important exhibit at the 2016 Auckland Festival of Photography Signature programme, this striking collection shows 40 monochrome portraits of bare chested New Zealand men who are humble, courageous and vulnerable. Their edgy portraits are presented in monochrome to emphasise their shape and form. The simple background eliminates distractions so the viewer can focus on their body language and facial expression.

Many cultures portray men as strong, physically and emotionally. This stereotype sometime leads to dire outcomes when considering how poorly typical men treat health symptoms, depression, stress and anxiety. One of the goals of this project is to raise awareness; give men freedom to express their feelings and connect to their emotions.

This fresh look at men is an eye opening opportunity to see the real people without the ‘shield’ of clothes. “We are all flesh and blood and we are here on this planet for a short period of time.” says Ilan, “this project simply reminds us of how fragile we are.”

It takes us just one-tenth of a second to judge someone and make a first impression so it’s fascinating to see how quickly we form our opinion based solely on physical appearance.

‘Bare Truth’ was also chosen to be an Associated Exhibition at the 2016 hEAD oN Photo Festival in Sydney.


Northart Gallery, Norman King Square, Northcote Shopping Centre


Opening event on Sunday June 5, 4-6pm – please come to celebrate!
Artist talk (if you missed the opening): Sunday 12 June, 2pm

Open daily 10am-4pm until June 22 – entry is free.

Check out to see the collection featuring many TNG members.

From the seed of Warriors (c) Ilan Wittenberg

From the seed of Warriors (c) Ilan Wittenberg

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