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Big Thinking Business Forum 14 March – Special Rate for TNG Members

So much is happening in the world today!  Big changes are afoot both in New Zealand and Globally, and one thing is for certain… there is a lot of uncertainty in the air!

You may be asking yourself questions like, What is going to happen to the world? What is going to happen to the economy? and What impact is all of this going to have on my business?

Those are definitely valid questions that you want to be asking yourself in order to navigate in the uncertainty that we are all facing right now.  Because as we have seen in the past, when businesses stay in the same place and do not move and shift with what is happening in the world, they go out of business fast!

So how do we cope in business when every day we wonder ‘what next’?

Join the next Big Thinking Business Forum on Tuesday 14 March where you will learn …

  • What to do and how to prepare yourself and your business in today’s uncertain economy

  • How to be an influential leader during times of massive change and uncertainty

  • PLUS: Powerful table discussions to go into specifics for growing your business

Special rate for TNG members.  Get $100 off the regular ticket price by using your promotional code: TNG100

Just click this link to learn more:




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