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The Engine Partnership Offer for TNG Members and their business connections

Two Free Introductory Business Courses over the next 4 weeks on us – value $138.

Invite a Business Connection or an Employee to attend too.
Limited spaces so do book now.
*offer valid until 31 May (inclusive) and is for the 2 hour $69 courses only

*50% offer valid on 1/2 day course

There are numerous sources of online information but again this represents a point solution answer and may provide more risk in being out of date, out of touch and doesn’t allow you a platform solution or better still the ‘know how’ and ‘mentor’ by our providers to deliver in that field. The Engine’s providers are passionate about sharing their proven knowledge of do’s and don’ts and assisting you in taking your business to the next level. Our courses are designed to inform, facilitate thinking, mitigate risk and so much more.

For the next 4 weeks we invite you to register for two free $69 courses on us or a half day course for 1/2 price at either our North Shore or South Auckland training premises. Starting with Social Media Bootcamp on the 26th April at the YMCA Northcote from 12:30-2:30pm you’ll discover social media is NOT a passing phase – it’s here, and your ability to use it within your business is vital for your future success. Find the answers to these and other vital questions at our social media boot-camp. We’ll show you WHAT social platforms to use, HOW to use them effectively, and WHY the right content matters…. Code when checking out for free $69 course is TNG100 and 1/2 day course is TNG50.

Other courses The Engine is offering during this time are:-

  • HR ‘Starting Employment – Different Contracts & the 90-day Trial Period’
  • Starting a Business – Getting the Books Right
  • Marketing Communications 101: Copywriting
  • HR ‘Recruitment 101’
  • The Importance of Shareholders Agreements
  • How to turn $100 Marketing Strategies into $1000’s of sales
  • Health & Safety – ‘Know what it means to your business’
  • How to write a winning business plan (perfect for businesses without business plans too)

and Brand Strategy, Essential Directors Duties and more.


And don’t forget the TNG offer for The Engine membership for is 25% OFF USING CODE TNG25.  Discount valid until 30 April 2017.

Our Membership Provides:

  • Valuable savings for your company and your staff – fuel savings of 10c per litre is unmatched by anyone else in the market and this offer is for your staff too;
  • Business Support;
  • Resources, Case Studies;
  • One on one support upfront with a provider * depending which membership you buy;
  • Networking and so much more.

Note: The Engine welcomes monthly and quarterly payment options at no additional charge. Click invoicing on checking out and we will organise this with you.


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