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Testimonial – Amazing Chain of Events Unfold

Testimonial from Rawinia Matthews at Ray White Real Estate

Rawinia has this to say about TNG:

“Over the three years I’ve been involved with TNG I’ve had the most amazing chain of events unfold.  In one of my early meetings I met a mortgage broker who was selling a property in Remuera. This connection led to several sales each unfolding one after the other and has eventually led to 10 transactions to date.  Last night one of our clients signed a conditional contract at $200K above expectation and the chain hasn’t finished yet….

Undoubtedly The Real Estate Business is all about people and TNG has been a great source of meeting people and widening my connections.  I work very hard to help the other members in my TNG network and I see it as a long term investment in both our businesses, they in turn respond with referrals for me and it’s a win/win scenario.”

One comment on “Testimonial – Amazing Chain of Events Unfold

  1. Sales Smart Staging
    May 17, 2017

    Hello Rawinia,

    Congrats on your amazing results. I look forward to Smart Staging achieving spectacular results in the future with TNG.

    Cheers Ngaire.

    ( Smart Staging Ltd )

    Mobile 0272425302.


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