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Explode your business by adding the 3 missing pieces to your sales jigsaw and experience

BOSS – Business Owners Sales Sense

Are your sales teams becoming order takers?

Do even your best, leave money on the table?

Do you get more excuses than results?

Sales are the life blood of your business – when sales are down business is down!

Join Bill James and 3 Piece Sales to explode your business by adding the 3 missing pieces to your sales jigsaw and experience;

•   A new sales attitude to try and a want to succeed.

•   Your sales system running like clockwork with actionable ideas adding a new dimension.

•   Quick wins and a significant sales increase this week, next week and for years to come.

You do not have to radically change their existing sales processes to achieve remarkable results – you just need the missing pieces put in place. Some of the subjects will look familiar but what we do with them is very different.

Learn more here

How does this work?

•  Pre-session analysis of attendees to fine tune needs.

•  One public 3 hour group session a month to cover needed skills – starting 14th August 2017

•  One in-house 2 hour session a month to customise and integrate ideas into your business

•  On-call coaching – Call and get the help you need BEFORE they see the client –more wins!

» This program is approved for NZTE funding – you may be eligible to have your investment subsidised, by up to 50%.

»» Once the program starts you will have to wait for the next one before you can enroll.

Your investment is $2750 + GST per month (your possible subsidy could be $1375)

(For 1- 4 team members and with the right to exit after the first month, limited spaces available)

A small price to multiply your sales…for years to come.

Take action – call 09 4412164 or email so your questions can be answered.


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