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How To Grow Business Fast With Simplicity In 2019

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We know, we know, everyone promises this. They promise get-rich-quick schemes and secret formulas to supercharge your business. But, do those people have five international businesses trading in nearly 50 countries? Are they an award-winning author? Have they been awarded New Zealand Speaker of the Year four times, New Zealand Educator of the Year and chaired the Global Speakers Summit? We doubt it.

Mike Handcock has though. And he is coming to speak at some of our local TNG groups!

He will be covering off a topic very close to many of our hearts, How To Grow Business Fast With Simplicity In 2019.

Register here to attend the Hamilton event on the 20th March, the Tauranga event also on the 20th March, or the Onehunga event on 27th March, or read on to find out more.

Why Should You Attend?
No one likes to work harder than they need to. Some days it is a struggle to get through the day-to-day list of tasks, let alone have the energy left to grow your business in the ways you want to. It feels like you are working 12 hours a day, but not ever getting ahead. But, in just a short time Mike is going to help you overcome all those obstacles with some easily implementable techniques.

By sharing the five key strategies that allow him to run multi-national successful enterprises, he will help you cut through the overwhelm you are feeling about all that you want to achieve this year. These strategies boil everything down to simple, necessary and well selected actions for you to declutter your mind and to-do list so that you can get greater results immediately. Sound good?

Who Should Attend?
Are you a busy business owner or entrepreneur who finally wants to achieve the success you deserve in 2019? Then this event is for you! Running a business is incredibly rewarding, but it doesn’t come without its struggles. So if you are sick of being constantly knocked back and not reaching your goals, then Mike has pearls of wisdom that you can use.

If 2019 is going to be your year, then Mike can help you smash those goals with his five key strategies. You will leave the event feeling inspired, educated and ready to tackle the year head on.

Regardless of the size of your business, these strategies will help you. You do not need to be running a conglomerate to see results from them. They can be implemented by one-man bands, right through to businesses with dozens of employees.

We know that you are busy, but you won’t regret taking two hours out of your day to spend it with Mike and the TNG team.

What Will You Get Out Of Attending?
There will be three key takeaways from this event…

  1. Positioning – The biggest key to success is how to position your business and your offers. Very few Kiwi businesses understand it and even less do it well. But all of that is about to change after you have attended this event!
  2. Simple Selling – What if you could learn to have people asking to buy your product before you have even shown them what it is? No more sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when it comes to your sales pitch!
  3. Identify The Time Wasters – 93% of entrepreneurs spend all their time doing the wrong things right. You will find out what those wrong things are that take all your time.

So, if you are ready to start seeing easy growth in your business this year then Mike is ready to show you how.

Register to attend the Hamilton event on the 20th March, the Tauranga event also on the 20th March, or the Onehunga event on 27th March.

Who Are TNG?
TNG are not your run of the mill networking group. We connect trades, services and professionals all across New Zealand and encourage them to form valuable relationships that collectively further everyone’s businesses.

Our aim is for you to build a strong network of like-minded people. Our groups are full of real kiwi businesses who are doing amazing things. We want you to look forward to the well-structured fortnightly meetings and to create beneficial collaborations. We don’t want to force you to make referrals. We only want you to make referrals that feel natural. Refer the people that you know, like and trust, instead of someone who has just paid a membership fee.

Networking is a term that is tossed around a lot in the business world. But to find a community that you want to connect with can be quite difficult… until now.

The friendly vibe and the focus on building deeper relationships sets TNG apart from the rest. We would love to welcome you along to any of our groups to experience the vibe – the first two meetings are free and there is no obligation to join if you don’t think it is the right fit for you.  Find out more about us here.

Register to attend the Hamilton event on the 20th March, the Tauranga event also on the 20th March, or the Onehunga event on 27th March.



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