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TNG Hamilton East – your invitation to attend

TNG Hamilton East launches next week on Wednesday 22 May

Introducing our new Area Group Manager for TNG’s Hamilton East Group – Dirk Botha

Some might think that Dirk was born with networking in his blood, but his skill has been developed from a varied and engaging career. Working as a marketing executive, Dirk knows the importance of the right messaging. And he embodies that in his role of TNG Area Group Manager by helping businesses within his group present themselves in the right way. Proud to be part of a network that values and supports people, Dirk truly believes in the value of forming relationships. He also feels that growing and investing in relationships with colleagues, clients and connections really helps you to understand their true needs and allows you to help each other in a better and more meaningful way.  Dirk is excited to empower local business people, helping them to achieve financial freedom by building a strong network of connections and referrals.

Join Dirk and TNG at the official launch of our new Waikato Group:

Date:  Wednesday 22 May 2019  –  7.30am to 8.30am

Venue:  Hayes Common  |  33 Jellicoe Drive  |  Hamilton East  |  Hamilton 3216

Guest Speaker:  Garth Partridge on ‘Building and Sustaining a Robust Networking Group’

Register at:



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