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Rapid Growth in a Recession, Friday 6 Nov 10am

We’re excited to have another outstanding speaker lined up for next week’s online meeting on Friday 6 November at 10am.

If you have growth on your agenda, then don’t miss this online session ‘Rapid Growth in a Recession’ with Paul O’Donohue.

What you will learn:

  1. Lessons from the GFC
  2. Mindset matters
  3. Selling strategically Vs tactically
  4. How to win more clients

Paul O’Donohue is the Founder & CEO of Sales Star Ltd, a global leader in sales transformation. Over the past 15 years, Paul and his team have worked with hundreds of companies globally to help improve their sales results. Sales Star Ltd are a strategic partner to NZTE and recently have been providing growth strategies to over 50 export-focused companies who have been significantly challenged with travel restrictions.

Paul has become a specialist in selling in tough economic conditions. The strategies he shares were born out of the fire of adversity from the Global Financial Crises, where Paul went from almost losing everything to rapidly scaling a global operation.

Paul speaks from experience and engages with humour. Trusted and respected, he bases his life and work around a purpose-driven, value-based philosophy. He has a particular passion for working with entrepreneurs to help them to consistently scale their business.

Join us online to hear Paul share his knowledge and experience on Friday 6 November at 10am. Click here to register for the Zoom invitation.

See you on Friday!  Remember to register to avoid disappointment.

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