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Giving Back to the Community

Bringing Customer Service and Charity into the Rubbish Business to improve our Environment

The Networking Group acknowledges the inspiring story of a Rubbish removal business who give back to the community, giving to charity and the local communities, by redistributing unwanted items such as clothing, bikes, gym equipment (to name a few). 

We are delighted to have Natalie in our groups and totally support the work she is doing to help with the gifting and the recycling.

We highly recommend you get in touch with Natalie for any removal of rubbish and unwanted items.

“Junk2Go was started back in 2005 when owner, Dave Lewis, identified a demand from people and businesses wanting fast and efficient removal of junk and rubbish. Dave had previously worked in the hospitality industry, including several years on the cruise ship, QE2, which was renowned for its superior service. Dave wanted to take this same Service Ethos to the rubbish removal industry.

Over the years Junk2Go has evolved from a small operation to a large fleet of trucks providing an on-demand removal service across Auckland that takes away all manner of items from old appliances, renovation waste, garden waste, office furniture, bbqs, trampolines etc. 

Junk2Go strives to recycle as many of the items they collect as possible, making regular drops offs to various charities, community groups etc. None of the items collected by the truck teams are re-sold. Wood, metal, cardboard etc are all sorted and sent to dedicated recycling facilities.

Junk2Go operates all over Auckland and is renowned for its quick response times and superior service. With over 850 Google reviews at an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars, its customers are at the heart of all they do. A quick clean up of the area after the team have finished the removal is a small token to say thanks to their valued customers.

Junk2Go plans to continue to grow their removal service to ensure customers can continue to be serviced at the highest level.”

Contact TNG member

Natalie Ongley

Relationship Manager – Junk2Go


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