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Two TNG Online Events Next Week


TNG Members are welcome to join our Weekly Webinar:

Live discussion with Akhil Shahani 7.00pm on Tuesday 20 April.

Topic:  8 Styles of leadership & which is right for you

Food for thought in this session:
– Have entrepreneurs been misled about the idea of leadership?
– Should you be like Napoleon or Mahatma Gandhi?
– Do you have the right leadership personality?
About Akhil Shahani:
Dr. Akhil Shahani is the Managing Director of The Shahani Group, which runs a franchised range of colleges in areas like business, media, real estate, finance and others. His colleges incorporate global industry-oriented education systems that make their graduates truly employable. Additionally, he runs the ed-tech platform Ask.Careers and recruitment firm, Ask Talent Services.

Please register to receive your Zoom invite:

** FRIDAY **

We’re excited to have another outstanding speaker lined up for next week’s online meeting on Friday 23 April at 10am.

Guest Presenter:  Dave Martin, Front man, Business coach and Director of FULLFOCUS   

Topic:  Taking your business from struggle and effort to smooth running

  • Are your professional advisors putting your family and business in jeopardy?
  • How you can become your own banker – The Infinite Banking concept.
  • The 2 critical strategic questions all our successful business owners can answer.

About our speaker:

David is the business coach face of Full Focus. He has a huge commitment to people succeeding. A great thinker, quick on his feet and always ready with a joke, David is a great asset not only to Full Focus but to the business owners he works with.

David excels in getting the best results for our clients. But beware, David is a straight shooter. His integrity is unquestionable and as such he never brushes the dust under the rug. He says it how it is. If it’s a spade, he’ll call it a spade. He is passionate about being on our clients’ side. He’s the business coach Auckland entrepreneurs and managers can be sure will be in their corner.

In his spare time Dave’s an avid reader, Tai Chi master-in-training and keen rugby follower. In fact, he’s convinced that rugby is the true meaning of life!

David’s career began with 3 years in the N.Z. Army at Waiouru Military Camp. He then pursued a successful career in the life insurance industry. He established several Life Brokerage operations that were ultimately capitalised. For the last 35 years he has honed his skills working as a business coach Auckland business owners and company shareholders have since benefited from.

David is an Accredited Business Mentor (Business Mentors New Zealand), and is a member of the Institute of Accredited Business Consultants (NZ) Inc.

Join us online to hear Dave Martin on Friday 23 April at 10am. Click here to register for the Zoom invitation.

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