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TNG Online Event Friday 4 June

On Friday 4 June 10-11am TNG Online welcomes Jennifer Dahl, Business Growth Adviser at Auckland Unlimited Ltd (ATEED & RFA merged to become Auckland Unlimited).

Jennifer will be talking about The Regional Business Partner Network, supporting business recovery and growth around NZ through the Management Capability Development Fund, Innovation and R&D Advice and Support, Tourism Transitions Fund.

About Auckland Unlimited,

New Zealand’s economic powerhouse, Auckland generates 38 per cent of national GDP and is home to 36 per cent of the country’s workforce. An Australasian innovation hub, Auckland is home to 54 per cent of New Zealand’s tech sector, a billion-dollar screen production industry and specialist manufacturing industries, including biotech, robotics, precision engineering and marine and navigation products.

Auckland is an innovative, globally connected city and the economic powerhouse of New Zealand, which is ranked first in the world for ease of doing business.

Our unique location provides the ideal gateway to the Asia-Pacific region, just one of the reasons that more than 100 multinational companies operate here.

Find the right connections, programmes and events to help you start or grow your business, accelerate new innovations or get export ready. Get in touch with our Business and Innovation Advisors to get free advice and support, access mentoring and networking opportunities, and to find out if you may be eligible for R&D funding or grants.

Access insights and data on Auckland’s economy through the Auckland Growth Monitor and the Auckland Index. These complementary tools provide up-to-date information across a broad range of economic areas, from business innovation to GDP and population growth.

Join us online to hear Jennifer Dahl on Friday 4 June at 10am. Click here to register for the Zoom invitation.

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