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Two TNG Online Events Next Week


TNG Members are welcome to join our Weekly Webinar:

Live discussion with Thomas Power 7.00pm on Tuesday 29 June.

Topic:  BIP100 Club

* Learn why small intimate groups matter
* Recognise that the world’s obsession with performance has pushed it closer toward magic, mystery & love
* Understand what type of small intimate group you belong inside so you can find your tribe

About Thomas Power:

Chairman, Board Member, Board Advisor to six organisations, Board Member at 9 Spokes PLC New Zealand (ASX Sydney), Bloomberg Listed PLC Director (Tradus PLC, 9Spokes PLC), Mastermind Groups with Penny Power (OBE), AI, Blockchain, Climate Change, 5G “Tokenomics”, Brand Strategist, Social Media Personal Branding specialist, Author 8 Books 1998-2018 (book 8 #Tokenomics 2018), Social Influencer, 300,000 Twitter followers, Professional Speaker 1000 Conferences.

Please register to receive your Zoom invite:

** FRIDAY **

We’re excited to have another outstanding speaker lined up for next week’s online meeting on Friday 2 July at 10am.

Guest Presenter:  Brent Norling from Norling Law


  • An overview of corporate insolvency and how that will impact business across many sectors
  • How recovering accounts receivable ought to be handled and the changes we can expect to the tactics used
  • How to protect yourself from a potential customer becoming insolvent
  • Patterns with shareholder disputes and how to avoid disputes with shareholders.

Join us online to hear Brent Norling on Friday 2 July at 10am. Click here to register for the Zoom invitation.

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