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TNG Weekly Webinar Tuesday 27 July

TNG Members are welcome to join our Weekly Webinar:

Live discussion with Lorraine Carter 7.00pm on Tuesday 27 July.

This week’s presenter:  Lorraine Carter

Topic:  Unstoppable in Uncertainty, Differentiating & Identifying Opportunities for Growth

In this session you’ll discover why purposeful brand strategy coupled with your business strategy enables you to:
1. Differentiate strongly from your competitors in customer terms, so you stand out
2. Build unshakable relevance, trust and credibility amongst your ideal customers, so you increase your customer base, like ability, visibility, referral and retention
3. Increase your perceived value, margins and sales, so you grow your profits faster
4. Engineer business model resilience, innovation, and product development, so you 
can future-proof your business and its ability to leverage opportunity in adversity
5.Structure your business/brand to build your brand IP asset value for investment 
and/or selling
6. Achieve higher revenue consistently 

About Lorraine Carter

Lorraine Carter is an expert in brand building to drive commercial growth and high performance. A winner of multiple awards and founder of Persona Branding & Design, she speaks from over two decades of experience in branding strategy, development and management working with national and international brands, many of which are household names.

Please register to receive your Zoom invite:

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