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Unveiling the mystic of viruses, Biosecurity to counteract future challenges.

TNG Members are welcome to join our Weekly Webinar:

Live discussion with Angela Norman 7.00pm on Tuesday 24 August 2021.

Topic:  Unveiling the mystic of viruses, Biosecurity to counteract future challenges.

In this session Angela will help us understand to:
-Increase your biosecurity individually and in businesses by understanding viruses, counterbalancing the fear narrative.
-Learn about the 7 principles of HACCAP, conduct a biosecurity risk analysis, design and implement a Biosecurity plan.
-Have faith in your body’s ability to defend itself, build resilience through hygiene, nourishment and treatments.

More about Angela Norman:

Angela is an experienced virologist with a Genetics (Hons) degree and a masters degree in Pathological studies, specialising in Virology. Angela has worked in a Biosecurity level 4 laboratory and has provided laboratory diagnostic consultivity, training and products for infectious disease, immunology, biochemical and haematology testing from various international providers including market leaders, ABBOTT Diagnostics, Biomerieux and The Binding Site over the last 30 years.

Today Angela is a Spiritual, Scientific, Naturalist who is developing strategies to live 4 Nature, Balancing human activities in business and in communities to enable us to live within the natural limits of the environment we share. Everything has a function and purpose, humanity is facing many challenges as the natural limits are being stretched to breakdown levels resulting in increasing threats from the microbial world.

Please register to receive your Zoom invite:

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