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Weekly Webinar – Leading from the inside out.

TNG Members are welcome to join our Weekly Webinar.

Live discussion with Leon Aarts 7.00pm on Tuesday 7 September 2021.

Topic:  Leading from the inside out.

Leon will be discussing: How having absolute trust in your innate wisdom your inner guidances will change your life beyond anything you hold possible – Leading from the inside out.

In this session you can expect to:

-Live with your heart fully open. It’s the only way.
-Learn how to stay balanced within every situation. It’s the most valuable attribute you have.
-Trust your instincts, have absolute focus on your audacious goal and don’t weaver for one split second.

More on Leon:

Leon is the author of the transformational book: Inside Out, how to live with your heart fully open. In addition to that he is a TedX speaker, social entrepreneur, humanist, Top Chef, coach to conscious leaders and most importantly dad and optimist.

Leon supports people to design their signature life through finding deeper meaning and engagement within themselves. His programs have helped hundreds of people to discover more fulfilment and success in their lives and businesses. It enables them to achieve quantum leaps in their transformation and to navigate with courage, confidence and strength through times of inner and outer transition.

Please register to receive your Zoom invite:

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