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Join TNG Connect NZ Online this Friday 10 September – How do I target my website to reach my ideal type of customer?

Join TNG Connect NZ Online this Friday 10 September at 10.30am on Zoom.

Guest Speaker:  Dan Webster from Ingot

Topic:  How do I target my website to reach my ideal type of customer?

With any website, designing the aesthetic, wording and functionality to best suit your target market will increase conversions, elevate your web presence over your industry peers and help you rank better online.

We’ll cover 3 points to help you target your website better:

• Understanding your target market and how to document this to build a customer profile you want to target.
• Putting yourself in your customers shoes to make discerning and calculated design choices.
• Using better design to attract clients and drive them towards a call to action.

Take your existing online web presence and elevate it in this short and informative session!

When he’s not drinking coffee, or out for a trail run, Dan runs Ingot, a digital design studio based in Hamilton. Focusing on brand, digital design and web development, they follow an exploratory approach. Getting a full understanding of their clients business, target market and brand identity before deciding and building a bespoke solution.

Join this Zoom Meeting on 10 September:

Meeting ID: 884 1856 2085

Passcode: 466767

TNG Connect NZ Online – Networking Online

Meets fortnightly on a Friday 10.30am to 11.30am via Zoom 

– TNG Members free
– Visitors welcome
– Educational forum

Interested in attending TNG Connect NZ Online’s next session?  Please register here.

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