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What causes your stress, and what can you do about it?

The workplace is a melting pot of different stories, circumstances, cultures and hobbies – a space so filled with differences that its population needs special nurturing.

Rich Ellis – a workplace wellness coach at Fit for Life (F4L) – told a TNG online networking meeting that he works to help people understand their stress and triggers to enable them to be happier and ultimately more productive at work. 

Why get a wellness coach to come to your business?

While there are many different reasons a business will call on a wellness coach, it’s usually to fix one big identified issue. Possibly because there have been attempts at rectifying it but no success, or it’s something that is commonly significantly affecting the team.

What are the benefits?

Utilising a wellness coach in the workplace to resolve problems helps reduce stress, achieve better outcomes and improve culture, engagement and productivity. 

A survey done by Southern Cross health Insurance identified that out of all those potential help triggers, the most common reason why companies call on wellness coaches is to reduce stress.

The green bucket

Ellis explained stress management through the metaphor of a green bucket with a tap attached to the bottom – a ‘stress bucket’. 

“Stress will always flow into your bucket – that’s inevitable, but the tap at the bottom allows you to release some of the stress out of your bucket, so you can stay balanced and still do what you need to do,” Ellis said.

Drawing a line down the centre of the page, Ellis asked people to write down what causes stress on the side called ‘In’ and what relieves stress on the other side under the heading ‘Out’.

The exercise identifies and communicates to people that everyone’s stress levels and stress triggers are different. 

An example of how stress looks different to people is alcohol. Some people might say that alcohol is a stress reliever and put it on the ‘Out’ side of the page; others may feel that alcohol is a stress inducer and pop it on the ‘In’ side. Which side they choose depends entirely on their relationship with the substance.

Look out for yourself and your team

Stress looks different to everyone. It’s essential to care about your employees and the people in your team so that you can help identify stressful situations and triggers for them, even if those stresses may not be inherently stressful to you. 

Don’t forget to check in with yourself by using the green bucket activity when you feel overwhelmed. It’ll help to contextualise your stresses and triggers and help you think of ways to open that tap and release some of them.

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