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TNG Silverdale – Rodney

Meets fortnightly on a Wednesday 7.00am to 8.15am

July/August 2019 Meetings:  3 July  |  17 July  |  31 July  |  14 August  |  28 August
Venue:   Millies  |  10/175 Millwater Parkway  |  Millwater

Current Member Categories:  Accountant, Electrical Compliance Testing/Fire Safety, Electrician, Estates & Trusts Law Adviser, IT Services, Lawyer, Life Insurance, Mobile Mortgage Manager, Plumber, Property Management: Residential, Property Staging, Real Estate Agent, Residential Painter, Telemarketing, Travel Agent, Vehicle Leasing & Financing, Web Development & Digital Marketing

Area Group Manager:  Theo Simeonidis | 027 248 9320 |

For information about our Silverdale networking group please contact or register below for the next Rodney meeting.

Interested in visiting TNG Silverdale’s next meeting?  Please register:




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